• Direct contact with the manufacturer

• Handling of your needs with a
  partnership spirit

• Systems design according to your
  needs and submitted to your approval

• Shared selection of installators

• Technical support, before, during and
  after the installation is completed

• Final comformity report according to
  your expectations

• Collaboration with your engineers
  and/or external firms

  Novacab (Transportation sector: heavy trucks and buses)


This system heat, cools and dehumidifies the sleeper-cabs of long haul trucks or the interior of buses, even when the engine is off. Thus, by reducing the idling periods, the reduction in CO2 emissions can reach up to 16,000 kg/vehicle/year. The payback on investment is between 12 and 18 months.

 Novanergy (Commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-housing sectors)


This system, in standard version or made to order, combines ventilation and air renewal up to 100% to heating, cooling and dehumidifying functions, whose operation costs are reduced thanks to the energy recovered by the thermal storage and the preheating of a water source. If needed, it may be integrated to existing systems in order to improve the global performance. By reducing the energy consumption, especially of existing polluting systems, Novanergy contributes to lower the emission of greenhouse effect gases.

The distillator (in pre-marketing stage, laboratory sector or others requiring distillation)

Seven-stage distillation technology with thermal storage, a system is presently on demonstration at Domaine Félibre.


This intelligent climate-control, has an interface wich looks like a thermostat, but its constitutes a real small computer which controls the systems developped by the enterprise following a sophisticated programming strategy. It monitors the ambient climate conditions with sensors and modulate the operation of the components accordingly to an algorythm which is optimizing every efficiency. This contributes to maximize the energy savings and to reduce the wearing out of the components.

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